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    How to Prevent a Dental Emergency

    Last updated 1 day 20 hours ago

    Many dental emergencies result from improper usage of teeth or inadequate protection of them. By taking preventive action, you can avoid painful dental injuries.

    This video provides suggestions on how to protect your mouth from accidents that can cause damage to your teeth and gums. Sports can be enjoyable and healthy activities, but they can also present the possibility of injury to the mouth. When participating in sports, wear a mouthguard that can minimize trauma to teeth should you suffer a blow to them. Using your teeth for only speaking, eating, and smiling can also help in avoiding injuries.

    Northern Virginia Dental Associates offers emergency care for patients living in Burke, Annandale, and Springfield, VA. Call our office today at (888) 862-0095 for more information on our complete services.

    An Overview of TMJ Disorders

    Last updated 3 days ago

    Do you hear or feel your jaw occasionally pop? Are morning headaches a common occurrence? Then you might be suffering from a TMJ disorder. This condition, named for the temporomandibular joint, causes deterioration of the site where the lower jaw connects with the skull. A common dental problem, TMJ disorders can negatively impact daily living for those with them.

    Signs of TMJ Disorders

    TMJ disorders can produce a variety of symptoms, some of which can cause considerable discomfort. If you suffer from a less serious condition, you may hear only a subtle clicking sound or feel a slight pressure release when your jaw joint moves. More advanced forms of TMJ disorders can bring on chronic bouts of jaw stiffness and pain. The breakdown of cartilage in the joint, which may cause bone-on-bone abrasion, can also lead to earaches and headaches.

    Causes of TMJ Disorders

    TMJ disorders may have known or unknown causes. Bruxism, a condition that produces teeth clenching or grinding at night, can place chronic strain on the jaw joint. Arthritis, which can affect any joint in the body, may also be the source of some TMJ disorders. A past injury to the jaw might facilitate the development of this problem as well.

    Care for TMJ Disorders

    The type of treatment that a dentist may recommend for a TMJ disorder depends on the severity of it. If a dentist can isolate bruxism as the cause for your TMJ problem, he might suggest the use of a night guard, which can provide a buffer between your teeth and ease stress on the jaw joint. Arthritis-induced TMJ disorders may require the use of medication to ease inflammation and pain. If a TMJ disorder has developed from a past injury, surgery may be necessary to address the injury complications and resulting TMJ disorder.

    Are you experiencing the signs of a TMJ disorder? If so, now is the time to call Northern Virginia Dental Associates at (888) 862-0095. We offer TMJ disorder treatment options for the residents of Burke, Springfield, Annandale, and Franconia, VA.

    Different Types of Teeth Stains

    Last updated 8 days ago

    Any tooth stain can compromise the appearance of an otherwise healthy smile, but not all teeth stains are the same. Discoloration that dulls white enamel can result from stains that develop both inside and on the surface of teeth. Cosmetic dentists refer to deeply embedded discoloration as intrinsic stains. This type of discoloration can stem from a medical illness or the medication used to treat that illness. A blow to the teeth may also lead to intrinsic discoloration. The color deposits that rest on top of tooth enamel are called extrinsic stains. Many lifestyle activities can contribute to the accumulation of extrinsic discoloration. Tobacco use and drinking dark beverages are two of the habits that frequently produce this type of stain. No matter the type of tooth stain, cosmetic dentists can quickly address it with teeth whitening services that penetrate enamel to remove discoloration from it.

    Are your teeth not as bright as you would like them to be? If you’re tired of dealing with a dull smile, Northern Virginia Dental Associates can help. To schedule a consultation with a cosmetic dentist, call our Springfield, VA office at (888) 862-0095.

    Get the Facts About Root Canals

    Last updated 10 days ago

    When you think of a root canal, what comes to mind? If you have never experienced this type of oral care, you might have misconceptions about what it entails or how it benefits oral health. The following facts highlight why dentists recommend this safe and effective dental treatment.

    Root canals can alleviate pain.

    Some people might consider root canals to be painful procedures when in fact they can stop the discomfort that bring patients to the dentist. When tooth decay becomes so extensive that it reaches the interior of the tooth, it can damage the nerve endings that reside there. This type of deterioration can trigger the sensation of pain, which people typically refer to as a toothache. A root canal can address this pain by removing the infection causing the decay and the damaged nerves signaling discomfort.

    Root canals are comfortable procedures.

    As many people who have undergone a root canal can attest, this procedure is a very comfortable process. Dentists have at their disposal an array of tools that can quell any pain or anxiety that a patient might feel. They can use both injectable and topical medications to numb the treatment area. They can also administer sedation dentistry measures to calm nerves. If you are about to receive a root canal, consult your dentist about your pain relief options.

    Root canals can preserve your teeth.

    The longer you wait to get treatment for your tooth, the greater damage that infection can inflict on it. In some cases, tooth decay can irrevocably destroy the tooth roots and surrounding bone, making it difficult for the tooth to remain stable. When damage becomes extensive, tooth extraction may be the only option. Tooth loss can subsequently impact the stability of teeth around the empty socket as well. A root canal can both preserve the tooth structure and keep your smile intact.

    Are you suffering from an ongoing toothache? Let Northern Virginia Dental Associates provide you with the comfortable and comprehensive treatment you need to enjoy a stunning and pain-free smile. Call (888) 862-0095 to speak with one of our Burke, VA associates about your dental needs.

    Encouraging Children to Care for Their Teeth

    Last updated 15 days ago

    Oral hygiene can be easy for kids when parents make it fun. This video offers tips for making good dental care a lifelong habit for children.

    Oral care entails both eating and cleaning activities. Parents can help their kids protect their teeth by restricting consumption of sugary beverages such as juice and soda that can erode tooth enamel. Creating an entertaining oral cleaning routine can also promote a regular hygiene practice. For instance, parents can make a game of brushing and flossing, or they can play fun music during cleaning times. Acclimating kids to their dentist at an early age can also alleviate anxiety in small children.

    Family dentists recommend that parents make an appointment for their children’s first dental checkup by age one. To schedule a visit at Northern Virginia Dental Associates in Springfield, VA, call (888) 862-0095.

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